The Last Fortress

Last Fortress is simple, yet really entertaining and interesting game, which focuses on improving player's reaction. In order to defeat hordes of enemies, coming from everywhere, player has to quickly change and upgrade forts, shoot arrows, cast magic skill and build barriers. Player progress is saved during the game, meaning that every decision can and probably will affect their future gameplay.

Sequence - Beauty of Numbers

Sequence - Beauty of Numbers is part of our intelligent game series. So it's a game for people who like to think and solve difficult problems OR JUST HAVE FUN. In each level you have to find hidden sequence numbers.

MathIndigo Children Edition

No ads, no in-app purchases, just a pure puzzle game for children. Children are our future, so lets make it bright. We want to promote intellectual games and thinking.


MathIndigo is a game about solving math problems. In each level you get a new equation that you need to finish. It is a game for people who enjoy to think and solve problems.


Decrypto is a game about decoding ciphers. In each level you need to decrypt a word. You have your first hint unlocked in every level. First hint is associated with previous level answer.